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why do budgies cough?

Why Does My Budgie Keep Coughing?

When budgies are unwell, they keep their illnesses well hidden. This is one of the reasons why many owners don’t realize there’s something wrong with their budgie until the symptoms […]

budgie head bobbing meaning

Why Do Budgies Bob Their Heads Up And Down?

Head bobbing is a common behavior for budgies. Seeing your budgie moving its head up and down for the first time may seem strange, especially with no obvious explanation. Budgies […]

why is my budgies cere peeling?

Why Does My Budgie Have A Crusty Cere?

To determine if your budgie is sick or undergoing change, you must look for sudden or unusual alterations to its feathers, beak, appetite, body language, and activity levels. A budgie […]

what causes bumblefoot in budgies?

How Do Budgies Get Bumblefoot?

Pododermatitis (bumblefoot) is a common concern in pet birds. Bumblefoot is an inflammation of the foot, leading to swelling and discomfort. It’s most regularly found in older or overweight budgies. […]

what to feed a molting budgie

What Should I Feed A Molting Budgie?

Molting is essential to a budgie’s life cycle, typically occurring at least once a year, sometimes more frequently. Molting enables a budgie shed old, worn feathers and regrow new, healthy […]

is it ok to spray my budgie with water?

Do Budgies Like To Be Sprayed with Water?

Many budgies enjoy being sprayed and misted with a water spray bottle. Spraying water at a budgie has many benefits. It acts as a shower, allowing a budgie to clean […]

can budgies sense sadness?

Do Budgies Know When You’re Sad?

One of the great joys of pet ownership is companionship with an animal. Although we speak different languages, many people claim that animals can sense their moods, especially sadness. Proceedings […]