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why is my budgie so scared?

Why Is My Budgie Scared of Everything?

It takes a budgie time to adapt to handling and accept life as a beloved family pet. Bringing a budgie into a new home requires a period of adaptation. Budgies […]

can budgies eat cereal?

What Cereals Can Budgies Eat?

Breakfast is the day’s most important meal, and cereal is the cornerstone of breakfast in many homes. As budgies express interest in what humans eat, you may wonder if you […]

do female budgies bleed?

Do Female Budgies Have Periods?

Sometimes, owners report seeing blood around their female budgie’s cloaca, making them think their budgie is menstruating. However, this is never the case. Female budgies undergo ovulation cycles, but they […]

what noises do budgies make?

13 Budgie Sounds And What They Mean

Budgies like to talk and make different noises, especially first thing in the morning when it’s light outside. They make a wide range of sounds, and each call has a […]

are budgies messy pets?

Do Budgies Make A Lot of Mess?

Budgies are small, energetic, and mischievous birds. They splash in the water and flap their wings, scattering seeds, shells, and debris everywhere. Worse still, budgies poop every 15-20 minutes (40-50 […]

how to identify rainbow budgies

What Is A Rainbow Budgie? [A Complete Guide]

Unlike the bright and solid colors of the common budgerigar (shell parakeet), rainbow budgies have softer colors, one slowly melting into the other. Rainbow budgies combine the blue, yellowface, opaline, […]

what does pied budgie mean?

What Is A Pied Budgie? [A Complete Guide]

Pied budgies are sought-after as their spots and patterns make them a sight to behold. Piedness in budgies is a genetic mutation that turns green budgies yellow and blue budgies […]

is lettuce good for budgies?

Is Lettuce Healthy for Budgies?

Lettuce is a staple of many human diets, so it stands to reason that many of us look to serve it to budgies. Birds are omnivorous animals that consume leafy […]