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why is my budgie stretching its neck?

Why Do Budgies Stretch Their Necks?

Budgies can often tell us how they’re feeling through their body movements. They use body language to show emotion when they’re sick, happy, scared, threatened, and when they feel conversational. […]

what causes sour crops in budgies?

How Do Budgies Get Sour Crop?

A common digestive issue budgies develop is sour crop (also known as crop stasis). The digestive system of budgies contains a food storage area called the crop, where food goes […]

why do budgies cough?

Why Does My Budgie Keep Coughing?

When budgies are unwell, they keep their illnesses well hidden. This is one of the reasons why many owners don’t realize there’s something wrong with their budgie until the symptoms […]

budgie head bobbing meaning

Why Do Budgies Bob Their Heads Up And Down?

Head bobbing is a common behavior for budgies. Seeing your budgie moving its head up and down for the first time may seem strange, especially with no obvious explanation. Budgies […]