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About Us

Hi, I’m Samantha Harris. I’m the owner and editor of budgiecentral.com.

I’ll be answering every question imaginable about budgies – from their little-understood behaviors to how to keep them strong, happy, and healthy.

Purpose of Budgie Central

While I aim to cover topics in-depth, you’ll find that I cover everything in a succinct, less wordy style as I realize that you all lead busy lives and want to find information quickly.

Unlike some other websites, I’ve taken the time to back up my own experience with science-backed research. Of course, as per our medical disclosure, it’s no substitute for consulting an experienced veterinarian.

Through years of experience looking after budgies (parakeets), I’ve gained a wealth of practical knowledge about these sweet-natured and affectionate birds.

Budgies can be surprisingly difficult to look after. In part, that’s due to certain myths and misinformation. It always seems right, but digging a bit deeper always reveals that it’s specious reasoning.

For example, we’re always told to always put a mirror in a budgie’s cage. However, this information fails to consider that budgies fail the ‘mirror test.’ So, your budgie incorrectly thinks that its own reflection is a companion bird.

We’ll even help you find a moniker, regardless of whether you have a green, blue, yellow, or white budgie.

A Word from Samantha Harris, Founder

Samantha Harris

My name’s Samantha Harris, and I’ve loved budgies since I was a young child.

When I was young and starting out, I didn’t know nearly enough about the care needs of budgies. Over the years, I’ve gradually increased my knowledge through in-depth research and practical experience.

There’s just so much to learn, ranging from health concerns to dietary needs to exercise requirements. Unless you get them all right, your budgie’s not going to live a fulfilling life. Worse still, your budgie could die prematurely.

Caring for budgies is so much easier when you have a wealth of essential information in one place – just use the search button at the top of each page! My goal is to ensure that all budgies get to live a long and fulfilling life.

That’s exactly what budgiecentral.com is here for—we provide in-depth scientific research so that you can just get on with enjoying the love and companionship of your beautiful budgies.

Here are a couple of pictures of one of my budgies, Billy, playing with his bell:

Billy 1
Billy 2

While we can’t answer specific questions about your budgie (I’m sorry), feel free to share any funny stories with us. Also, if you want us to answer any general questions or have any site-specific queries, we’ll be happy to hear from you.

I hope that you enjoy using the site and find the information useful.

Kind regards,

Samantha Harris