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do budgies like fans?

Are Fans Bad for Budgies?

Temperature regulation is an important part of caring for pet budgies in the summer, which flourish in an ambient temperature of around 70-75OF. Overheating birds face the risk of hyperthermia.

Fanning your budgie by hand is one way to cool it off, or you could get an electrical fan. However, birds are averse to draughts and may fly into the blades of a rotating fan, resulting in injury and trauma.

Most budgies prefer alternative ways to cool off during the hottest months of the year.

Do Budgies Like Fans?

Budgies can benefit from the use of a fan, but few budgies like these appliances. Fan noise, cold draughts, and the risk of flying into fast-moving blades are all concerns.

Most budgies understand the inherent risks of fans, maintaining a safe distance. This potentially renders the fan useless, as your budgie isn’t benefitting from the fan.

Benefits of Offering Your Budgie A Fan

If your budgie is struggling to stay cool when the weather is hot, you may consider using a fan. There are two notable advantages, but you’ll need to decide if the pros outweigh the cons.

budgies and ceiling fans

Temperature Regulation

The obvious benefit of using a fan is keeping a budgie’s body temperature at the right level. A rotating fan positioned a safe distance from a budgie cage can provide respite from the unrelenting heat.

Installing window fans can reduce a room’s ambient temperature, making a budgie more comfortable. If you’re using a tower fan, you’ll need to rely on creating a cool breeze.

Placing a bucket of ice in front of a tower fan will drop the temperature further, almost acting as a makeshift air conditioning unit. Just be wary of upsetting a budgie with an excessive chill.

Air Circulation

Using a fan can benefit a budgie’s sensitive respiratory system, as it’ll prevent any potentially toxic odors from accumulating from around the cage.

Environmental Health Perspectives explains how the delicate avian circulatory system monitors air quality. Using a tower fan or similar, you can move and recirculate air around the home.

Risks of Using Fans Around Budgies

If you use a fan to cool off your budgie, you’ll need to manage various concerns. The draught and noise generated by a fan may cause distress and make your budgie sick.

The main risk is that of injury. Nobody wants to ponder, “do budgies fly into fans?” and get their answer the hard way. So, familiarize yourself with the potential hazards.

Injury Risk

Budgies can be confused and thrown off-kilter by fans. In particular, ceiling fans are dangerous for budgies, and even tower fans can pose a health hazard.

If your budgie flies into a fan, the powerful blades will be considerably more robust than the fragile bones in its wings. If these wings are clipped, the bone may shatter upon impact.

Even if this isn’t the case, the shock can cause your budgie to fall. Also, any tumble to the ground will harm your budgie, leading to a broken limb or internal damage.

Cold Draughts

The feeling of a cold breeze blown directly into our faces can feel refreshing on a hot day. However, high-speed draughts can be distressing, as budgies cope poorly with sudden temperature changes.

If your budgie is exposed to cold air, it may develop a respiratory infection. Sudden changes to living conditions are for the outside world, not indoors.


Budgies can be skittish and upset by external stimuli, especially sounds. Fan noise can be distracting and distressing for budgies, so be mindful of how your budgie reacts when you switch the device on.

Ethology explains how even white noise can confuse birds, interfering with their ability to determine threats. If your budgie starts to hop nervously between feet or fly around its cage, the noise made by the fan is causing distress.

Disturbance to Sleep

Budgies sleep for 10-12 hours a day. Interfering with this can have detrimental effects on its health.

The cool breeze from the fan can be minimized by a towel or blanket covering the cage, or it’ll billow and blow, unsettling your budgie and keeping it awake.

If your budgie is distracted by the sound of a fan blowing cold air toward its cage, it’ll grow restless and wake up at an antisocial time.

Are Fans Bad for Budgies?

What Fans are Best for Budgies?

If you need to cool the air with a fan, here’s a summary of the different options:

  • Hand fans – You can create a temporary light breeze with a paper hand fan.
  • Pocket fans – These fans have soft blades but don’t create much breeze.
  • Portable fans – A small USB fan may create just enough breeze to cool the room.
  • Tower fans – These fans can be too noisy and breezy for a budgie.
  • Window fans – Turned on when a temperature drops outside, window fans extract warm air and replace it with cool. They may be useful after dark when it’s cooler outside than inside.
  • Ceiling fans – A strict no-no if you have a budgie in your home.

If you decide to use a fan, especially a ceiling fan, turn it off any time your budgie is exercising outside its cage and monitor it closely for any signs of distress.

How to Keep Your Bird Cool in Summer Without a Fan

If you need an alternative to fans for keeping a budgie cool, consider these options:

  • Change your budgie’s water multiple times per day, potentially adding ice chips to the water.
  • Offer a bird bath with room temperature water.
  • Consider gently spraying your budgie with a fine mist.
  • Keep the budgie hydrated with water-filled snacks, such as small servings of fresh fruit.
  • Move your budgie’s cage to a shaded area, ideally in the same room.
  • Help your budgie to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Drape a damp towel over the cage during peak temperatures.

Budgies must be monitored when the weather is warm, as overheating can lead to hyperthermia. Don’t point a fan at a budgie’s cage, and turn off any fans (especially ceiling fans) during any out-of-cage time.