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100 Best Blue Budgie Names [Boys + Girls]

Blue budgies have a bright coloring of various shades, and they can even have green, yellow, or white accents. This gives them a beautiful appearance, so you’ll want to pair this with the right name.

Whether you want them to be cute, cool, funny, exotic, or somewhere in between, budgie names aren’t hard to come by. You can name your budgie based on its personality and color, or you can pick cartoon names that you’d like it to emulate.

What Should I Name My Blue Budgie?

According to the Journal of Creation, budgies with the lightest blue feathers get this color from light interference. In particular, the spongy texture of the keratin in their feathers causes wavelengths to travel across them differently.

Since the keratin material is shallower, the light travels across the feathers at a greater distance, meaning that higher wavelengths cause more interference. That can leave some budgies looking a brilliant blue, and many owners want to pay homage to this with a blue-themed name.

If you’re struggling to decide what to name a blue budgie, there are ways to narrow down your options. You should consider a budgie’s:

  • Exact coloring: Some are mostly blue, while others have yellow, white, or even green accents.
  • Personality: A feisty budgie might suit Rocket better than Sweetie Pie.
  • Sex: There are unisex names to bridge the gap, but you may prefer Iris over Jonas for a female.
  • Preferred theme: Blue plants, blue landscapes, blue gems, or blue cartoon characters are ideal.
  • Naming a pair: Even if a name doesn’t catch your fancy on its own when paired up with a matching name, it could make its own fun theme.  
  • Favorite sounds: You can name the budgie after a word it likes to repeat or give it a song-related moniker if it likes to sing.
  • Age: Some names are timeless, while others are cute when a chick and ironic when grown up.

Once you’ve decided upon the ground rules, the best way to name a budgie is to have a wide range of options. Here are some different names that fit blue budgies perfectly, so one of them should be ideal.

what should I name my blue budgie?

Blue Female Budgie Names

Female budgies are often high-spirited and protective, making them loving companions that show personality.

If your budgie has a dazzling shade of blue, you can match all these characteristics into the perfect name. Here are good ones to choose for a girl budgie:

  • Misty: Derived from the word ‘mist,’ this name can represent your budgie’s light, misty blue color.
  • Aurora: Meaning ‘dawn’ in Latin also describes the northern lights’ mystical phenomena.
  • Iris: Symbolizes hope, trust, and valor.
  • Abigail: It means to bring joy.
  • Luna: Named after the moon goddess in Roman mythology.
  • Serene: Symbolizing your bird’s calm, peaceful nature.
  • Royal: Perfect for a bird that acts like royalty.
  • Dorothy: The name itself means ‘God’s gift,’ but most people will think of the Wizard of Oz and Dorothy’s bright blue dress.
  • Cleo: Short for Cleopatra, this name means glory.
  • Stella: It means ‘star’ in Latin.
  • Jasmine: Of Persian descent, the name means ‘gift from God,’ and refers to the beautifully scented jasmine flower.
  • Crystal: Can refer to ice or glass and has a sophisticated ring to it.
  • Melody: For the sweet tunes that your budgie sings.

Blue Male Budgie Names

Male budgies are known for their friendly, gentle, and affectionate personalities. They make friends quickly and are easy to pair with several other budgies.

Whether you have just one male or several to name, try thinking about the coloring and the personality. For example, Ocean can reflect how deep your budgie’s blue feathers are. Meanwhile, Scooter can reflect its high-energy lifestyle, constantly fluttering around its cage.

Here are some slightly masculine names to consider:

  • Jey or Jay: After blue jays or the jaybird, which are very talkative (perhaps like your budgie).
  • Blue, Blu, or Bloo:  After the budgie’s bright, vibrant color.
  • Jonas: It means ‘dove’ in Hebrew and symbolizes a sign sent to the people.
  • River: A popular name for boy budgies, especially those with mixed coloring.
  • Ocean: To reflect the deeper hues of your budgie’s feathers.
  • Scooter: As a nickname for ‘Scott’ or to symbolize your budgie’s speedy flight.
  • Drizzle: A gentle name akin to rain or water.
  • Falcon: Popular among birds, this name represents fierceness and power.
  • Rocket: To highlight your budgie’s impressive speed in the air.
  • Juggy: Of Indian origin, this name means ‘victory of blue.’
  • Kipper: Perfect for budgies that are a little timid and shy.
  • Jet: Ideal for a budgie that can’t stay still!
  • Razz: Meaning ‘undisputed winner’ in Arabic, this is perfect for a stubborn little budgie.
  • Kai: Meaning ‘sea’ in Hawaiian culture.
  • Chad: A more common name, meaning ‘warrior.’

Unisex Names for Blue Budgies

When it comes to good blue budgie names, some of the best are unisex. They’re classic, timeless, and can be used with different spellings.

Here are some good blue budgie unisex names:

  • Blueberry: A great name for a tiny, blue budgie, especially when it’s still a chick.
  • Skye or Sky: This represents the color blue, as well as the budgie’s natural habitat.
  • Rain or Reign: Depending on the spelling, the name can mean the weather or royalty.
  • Jaylin: A unisex name that means calm.
  • Swift: Whether you associate this name with a budgie’s movement or Taylor Swift is up to you.
  • Midnight: A cool name that gives a sense of mystery.
  • Bluestar: A fun name that rolls off the tongue.
  • Bluebell: After the lovely, indigo-colored flower.
  • Star: Could be used to symbolize the night sky.
  • Lollipop: A fun way to call out to your budgie.
  • Blue Fire: A majestic, elegant name for blue budgies.
  • Billie: Can be used for both male and female birds.
  • Orion: After Orion’s belt.
  • Jazz: This is a great name whether you like jazz music or want to keep the name short for ‘Jasmine.’

Blue And White Budgie Names

Many blue budgies have white feathers, giving them an icy appearance.

If you want to highlight this beautiful shading and give your budgie a fantasy-esque name, consider:

  • Water Wing: Reminiscent of blue and white waves crashing on the shore.
  • Frost Feather: This accentuates the white in your blue budgie’s wings.
  • Cool Blue: Blue and white create a soothing, calming effect.
  • Indigo: Since blue is the primary color, you can name your budgie Indigo, especially if it has purple overtones.
  • Sapphire: Bright, vibrant blue.
  • Azura: Meaning ‘blue’ in Arabic.
  • Aqua: Meaning ‘sea blue’ or ‘water’ in Latin, this is primarily used for girl budgies.
  • Sparkle: Typically used for females, the name means ‘glisten in light.’

Green And Blue Budgies Names

Blue budgies often have splashes and hues of green spread throughout their feathers.

This is perhaps even more common than white hints. According to Watchbird, budgies often have this color difference around their tail, making them look longer and sleeker.

The blue and green can blend to form a gorgeous turquoise or sea-green effect.

To highlight this feature, you can pick one of these names:

  • Minty: Can be used to symbolize the color, plant leaves, or the Greek name meaning ‘defender.’
  • Emerald: Originally Persian, the name represents a green gemstone.
  • Shining Feather: A unique name that highlights the beauty of your budgie’s wings.
  • Teal or Teale: A greenish-blue color, like your budgie.
  • Spearmint: A mint commonly used for flavoring and aroma.

Good Names for A Pair of Blue Budgies

Budgies are social birds, quick to pair up with others and form meaningful bonds.

Sometimes the happiest budgie is one with a mate. This gives you a unique opportunity: to think up pair names and create a matching set.

There are countless entertaining and creative names to give a pair of blue budgies, such as:

  • Sweetie and Pie: A cute way to refer to your adorable, affectionate budgies.
  • Dawn and Sunset: A more regal name for friendly budgies.
  • Peaches and Cream: These are perfect if your budgies go wild for treats.
  • Salt and Pepper: Ideal for a pair of budgies with differing temperaments.
  • Mojo and Jojo: After the villain from Power Puff Girls.
  • Anna and Elsa: After the sisters in the movie ‘Frozen.’
  • Lucy and Linus: The siblings from Charlie Brown.
  • Winter and Spring: Perfect names for budgies that are opposites.

Cute Baby Budgie Names

Tiny and precious, you might think baby budgies are too adorable to give adult names. On the flip side, you may want a name that can have adorable nicknames for later.

These names will help you bridge the gap. When picking out a cute moniker for your little blue chick, you should consider:

  • Coco: After the chocolate bean, a popular pet name.
  • Rico: In Spanish, it means ‘a brave ruler.’
  • Willow: A tree or shrub.
  • Kiki: In French, it means ‘double happiness.’
  • Berry: A short form of blueberry.
  • Betty Blue: A little old-school, this name is derived from a 1986 French film.
  • Tweety: After the Looney Tunes character.
  • Ollie: Can be short for Oliver or Olivia.
  • Minnie: It means ‘of the sea.’
  • Millie: Can be short for numerous names, such as Melissa, Camilla, Mildred, Millicent, etc.

Funny Names for Your Blue Budgie

Budgies are playful and teasing, willing to dance around and act out just to get your attention. This makes them entertaining birds to keep. Matching this to a funny name makes your budgie even more endearing.

You can choose a name that reflects your budgie’s particular brand of humor. You can also choose a funny word that will make you laugh when you call it out.

A few even pay homage to hilarious cartoon characters, hopefully making your budgie emulate their weirdness. If so, you should consider:

  • Pipsqueak: A funny way to refer to your budgie’s size.
  • Plucky: You can use this for a budgie that enjoys preening its feathers or if it shows courage in the face of difficulties.
  • BamBam: After the Flintstones character.
  • Toto: After the dog in Wizard of Oz.
  • Babbles: For your budgie’s constant chirping.
  • Babs: A short and funny nickname for Babbles.
  • Swan Bon Jovi: A bird pun on the lead singer of the band.
  • Quacklemore: A bird pun on Macklemore.
  • Meryl Cheep: A pun ideal for budgies that act like divas.
what to name a blue budgie

Cool and Exotic Names for Your Blue Budgie

While having funny and cute names is all well and good, you might be in search of more exotic and sophisticated names for your budgie.

After all, not all budgies are as playful or social as others. Some are more reserved and mature, requiring them to have a name that fits their behavior.

These can pair well with their unique personalities:

  • Larmina: In Persian, it means ‘blue sky.’
  • Saphira: A unique variant of Sapphire, it can represent the blue gemstone.
  • Azure: In Spanish, it means ‘sky blue.’
  • Celeste: Derived from Latin, it means ‘heavenly’ or ‘celestial.’
  • Afina: A rare name, which means ‘young doe’ or ‘blueberry’ in Hebrew.
  • Andromeda: After the Greek goddess, or the galaxy.
  • Nebula: Meaning ‘mist’ in Latin, it can refer to an interstellar cloud around stars.
  • Lapis Lazuli: A blue stone said to enhance intellect and awareness.
  • Comet: A small icy object that soars through space.

Famous Names for Your Blue Budgie

You might be inspired by pop culture, mythology, or history to come up with famous names for a blue budgie. When you start thinking about it, there are unlimited names to pick from books, movies, songs, and famous personalities.

Here are some famous names for budgies to get you started:

  • Cher: After the Goddess of Pop.
  • Hedwig:  After Harry Potter’s famous owl, which is ideal if you’re a Potterhead.
  • Madonna: Another cultural icon for the Queen of Pop music.
  • RiRi: After Rihanna, for the budgie that loves to break into song.
  • Queenie: After the rock band, with a little twist.
  • Prince: One of the most prolific artists in the music industry.
  • Adele: After the English singer-songwriter.
  • Calypso: A Greek goddess, mentioned in Homer’s Odysseus.
  • Gatsby: From the classic novel, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Budgie names can be inspired by food, personalities, characters, nature, etc. One is sure to match your budgie’s vibe. Try mix-matching your options to find the right one.