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do budgies like fans?

Are Fans Bad for Budgies?

Temperature regulation is an important part of caring for pet budgies in the summer, which flourish in an ambient temperature of around 70-75OF. Overheating birds face the risk of hyperthermia. […]

are budgies dusty birds?

Do Budgies Make Dust?

Feather dust comes from the protective sheath of keratin that surrounds individual feathers. As the feather grows, it sheds this layer of protection, leaving the keratin to fall away as […]

Can Budgies Play with String?

Is String Safe for Budgies?

Budgies need various toys for fun and enrichment. So, owners sometimes give their budgies string, as budgies enjoy tugging, chewing, and playing with string. However, you should avoid giving pieces […]