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are budgies loud at night?

Do Budgies Keep You Up At Night?

Budgies are diurnal animals, meaning they stay awake during the day and sleep at night. They don’t chirp, explore, forage, or play after dark.

Nighttime noise and activity usually mean that the budgie is stressed, scared, experiencing night fright, or overcrowded. It may also have too much artificial light or be experiencing other sleep disturbances.

If budgies fight at night, they’re likely agitated and need your intervention. Placing a cover over a bird cage (which increases darkness levels) can help a budgie wind down.

Are Budgies Loud At Night?

According to Emu, budgies shouldn’t be noisy after dark.

As stated, they’re diurnal birds, so budgies are talkative during the day. Once night falls, budgies should settle down and go silent, allowing them to sleep and rest.

Budgies can’t see well in the dark, so activity would limit how well they could navigate and explore.

Also, budgies are the prey of many nocturnal animals. By staying quiet during the night, budgies avoid drawing attention to themselves, making it harder for predators to locate them.

Even in the wild, entire budgie flocks go silent as the sun falls and settle in for the night. According to the Institute of Biophysics, budgies should issue their last calls and chatter at sunset.

Their vocalizing is restricted to the daytime, intensifying at dawn and dusk. 

However, if a budgie fears its life is in danger, it may issue a warning call at night. This is a specific sound that budgies use to warn other flock members.

This would put the other budgies on guard or cause them to take to the air. Although night-flying isn’t safe for budgies, it’s better than getting picked off by nighttime predators.  

Why Do Budgies Fight At Night?

If you own more than one budgie, you may find them getting into fights, even once the sun has fallen. Perhaps they keep you up throughout the night with bickering, flapping wings, and loud chirping.

Budgies can become noisy at night for the following reasons:

Night Fright

Budgies can wake up in a panic and try to escape danger, even if what woke them is entirely harmless.

This is known as night fright. This terrifying situation can lead to a budgie noisily screaming and flapping around frantically in its cage to escape a perceived threat.

If the scared budgie shares a cage with another bird, this can make it seem like the two are in a fight.

The other budgie, which didn’t experience night fright, will often be scared by the outburst. This can lead to them frantically jolting around their cage and even attacking one another.


A budgie may have been scared by a pet cat or a car backfiring. Even when fully awake, this can lead to stress and discomfort, but the effects are amplified at night.

This can lead to fighting, especially if one of the budgies was introduced to the cage recently.

do budgies sleep at night?


Budgies are social parrots, but they still need their own space to explore, stretch their wings, and carve out territory. Wild budgies have miles of space to explore, but this isn’t the case in captivity.

Two budgies may fight at night because they’re battling over the right to perch in the best places. One budgie may push another one of its perch or bite, which can escalate into full-on fights.

The solution is to get your budgies a larger cage with more perches.

Too Much Light

If you leave the bird cage uncovered and keep the room well-lit, budgies will be more prone to fighting.

Budgies may confuse the perpetual sunlight and daytime created by artificial light. So, they’ll struggle to maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

A combination of normal bickering and sleep-deprived irritation can lead to your two budgies fighting while you’re trying to sleep.

So, limit or remove any light from the room, so your budgies can rest properly.

Disturbances In The Home

Budgies can be startled and feel unsafe if their cage is threatened. As with fear, stressed budgies are likely to take their frustration out on each other.

This may be caused by flashing lights from passing cars, a pet staring or batting at the cage, or the sound of a nearby TV. These disturbances make it hard for budgies to settle down, so they may get into fights.

Do Budgies Like To Be Covered At Night?

Budgies don’t need to be covered at night, but covering the cage can be beneficial. You can leave the cage exposed as long as the room is dark and the budgie isn’t exposed to any disturbances.

A cover is recommended if you have to keep the lights on or plan to stay up to watch TV. That’s also the case if the cage is near a window, where sound, car lights, or other disturbances can be an issue.

A budgie’s poor night vision could mean that it confuses a harmless sound with a predator. If the cage cover doesn’t soften this noise, the budgie may go into a panic.

Do Budgies Sleep At Night?

Budgies sleep at night, just like all diurnal animals.

According to Climate Change Responses, the night parrot is a rare outlier that’s active during the night. However, budgies stay awake throughout the day, gaining excess energy with well-timed naps.

When night falls, budgies will choose a sleeping position. They should sleep throughout the night or for as long as there’s no light.

This is why owners regularly cover up their budgie’s cages. It’s so they can ensure the budgies aren’t woken up too soon by the rising sun.

Budgies sleep at night because they have poor night vision and many predators to avoid during the evening/night. Rather than navigate blindly or draw attention to themselves, budgies sleep to recuperate. They will rarely sing, call, or move around during this time.

Budgies can’t be trained or conditioned to be nocturnal. So, it’s strange to find a budgie making noise at night or sleeping during the day.

Nighttime activity almost always results from something going wrong with the budgie or its environment.

By checking the budgie’s health and surroundings and eliminating stressors or light, you can get a budgie to stop being noisy throughout the night. This will ensure that your budgie is well-rested.