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is it ok to spray my budgie with water?

Do Budgies Like To Be Sprayed with Water?

Most budgies like being sprayed with a fine mist. It’ll encourage them to preen, make their grooming routine more effective, and cool them down during hot temperatures.

Also, misting can relieve irritation during a molt, make breathing easier, and limit feather dust.

Budgies should never be sprayed when their living environment is too cold, and they need sufficient time to air-dry in a warm environment.

Some budgies will be startled by the water pressure, so begin on the lowest setting to make the process fun and refreshing. That way, your budgie will look forward to its misting sessions.

You can introduce the process by misting your hand first or letting it see the bottle in advance.

Should I Spray My Budgie With Water?

Using a squirt bottle or just flicking some water droplets off your fingers will entertain and refresh a budgie on a warm day.

Budgies have a natural instinct to bathe, and playing in water is a fun activity. It’s no different than wild birds splashing around in a bird bath in your front yard.

Misting a budgie with water gives it a chance to get wet but not dowsed. Then, it’ll be able to preen its feathers and cool down, but not so much water that it feels annoyed or afraid.

This has many perks for your budgie, such as:


Budgies preen themselves daily, with or without water. However, when you spray a budgie down, it can use the water to clean out:

  • Food debris
  • Dirt and grime
  • Feather dust
  • Skin flakes

According to Purdue University, spraying a budgie with water keeps the feathers healthier, making it look and feel better.


Spraying a budgie down with water provides the opportunity to shake out its feathers and bob around. This can be a fun play session that your budgie will enjoy.


When you spray your budgie with water, its first reaction will be to shake out its plumage and immediately start grooming.

It’ll want to remove the water and dry out its feathers. This can encourage a budgie to preen more and keep its feathers in good order.

should I spray my budgie with water?


Molting is a stressful process for budgies, not to mention an itchy and irritating experience. Shedding old feathers and growing new ones can leave a budgie’s plumage looking unkempt.

A misting of water can relieve skin irritation, wash off feather dust, and make feather removal easier.


As summer rolls around and the temperatures climb, a budgie will appreciate being misted. This will cool down the skin and reduce the body temperature to a more comfortable level.

Is It OK To Spray My Budgie with Water?

Budgies like being sprayed down, as it keeps them clean and usually enhances their mood.

However, you should avoid misting in the following situations:

  • Low room temperature
  • Budgie is anxious and nervous

Budgies rely on their feathers to stay warm and balance their internal body temperature.

If the air temperature is low, the budgie will be too cold. It’ll also take longer to dry out, which increases the chance of its body temperature dropping to a dangerous level.

So, before misting, ensure that your budgie is in a warm room. Also, if your budgie isn’t drying out or appears cold afterward, you can pat it down with a small cloth and turn up the thermostat.

Before you mist a budgie with water, it must be in the right state of mind. If a budgie appears worried or on edge, wait until it’s feeling happier and more relaxed. The morning is usually a good time.

A budgie may be surprised about the misting, especially if you’ve never done it before. Most budgies will adapt quickly and begin looking forward to the experience.

However, if your budgie appears startled each time you spray it with water, don’t force it to accept the experience as it’ll be too stressful.

The following adjustments will make your budgie feel more comfortable:

Less Water Pressure

If the pressure of the spray bottle is too high, twist the end of the nozzle to reduce the overall release of water or create a finer mist.

If there’s just one option available, get a spray bottle with adjustable settings. Alternatively, just squeeze more gradually to ensure that the water is released at a slower, more tolerable rate.

Leave The Bottle Near The Cage

Your budgie may be scared of the bottle itself, as it doesn’t know what it is or what it does, making a weird sound to boot. So, leave the spray bottle next to the budgie’s cage.

Spray Your Hand

You can mist your hand in front of the budgie or spray a cagemate that likes it more than them. This will show them that the spray bottle isn’t a predator or threat.

How Often Should You Spray Budgies?

Budgies can be sprayed 1-2 times a week.

If your budgie likes it and the room temperature is warm, you can perform this as needed. Avoid spraying the budgie every day, as this could hamper its ability to balance its natural oils.

When it’s time to mist a budgie, do the following:

  • Use warm water: Room temperature or slightly warmer is ideal.
  • Clean the bottle: Mold, fungus, or mildew can grow on a spray bottle over time.
  • Cleaners: The water bottle should never come into contact with heavy cleaners, especially if they produce fumes that are toxic to budgies. Soap and water will suffice.
  • Start slowly: Start spraying gradually, building up the pressure if your budgie enjoys it. 
  • Let the budgie dry naturally: Avoid using a hairdryer, and only use a towel if it’s essential.

Most budgies like being sprayed with water, as doing so a couple of times a week will keep them clean, cool, and fresh. It’s also an activity that most budgies enjoy and eagerly await.