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Do English Budgies Make Good Pets?

There are two different kinds of budgies, and both hail from Australia, most notably the mountains of the Great Dividing Range. Despite their name, English budgies also originate from Australia.

English budgies are good pets for anybody with the time to spend together and care for them properly.

The English budgie (also known as the exhibition budgie or show budgie) was first discovered around 1840 and has long been associated with shows and pageants.

Many English budgies are celebrated for their coloring, but as per AFA Watchbird, this is considered less critical than head and body shape when showing.

What Does an English Budgie Look Like?

An English budgie is much larger than the American budgie (also known as the Australian budgie), leading some owners to wonder why one budgie is bigger than the others.

The average American budgie weighs 35 grams, while an English budgie can tip the scales at over 55.

An English budgie is usually about 10 inches long, while an American budgie is 7-8 inches long.

English budgies usually enjoy the same color formations as their traditional counterparts, but their markings tend to be much more defined.

What Do English Budgies Eat?

English budgies require a steady diet of pellets, which accounts for 75% of their diet. You can supplement this with fresh fruit, vegetables, sprouting seeds, nuts, and miscellaneous treats.

English budgies are larger than American budgies, so they’ll eat more than smaller birds. Like all budgies, they can be prone to overeating and grow obese.

How Much Exercise Do English Budgies Need?

English budgies must be released from a cage at least once daily for exercise and recreation.

They will spread their wings, but you may notice that English budgies frequently swing and hop rather than fly. They’ll only take to the air when necessary.

As an English budgie will reside in a larger cage, it should have space for perches (at different levels), swings, ladders, bells, and hammocks. All budgies like to hop between the different levels.

how to tame an English budgie

How Long Do English Budgies Live?

On average, English budgies live for 5-7 years, rarely surviving longer than 10 years.

Unfortunately, English budgies are often inbred from family bloodlines, which can lead to various health conditions, including physical mutations, such as missing limbs or eyes.

Learn as much as you can about its parentage. Look into which two birds sired the budgie, and be wary of unique, striking colorings, which often point to inbreeding for aesthetic purposes.

Whether inbred or not, English budgies experience health concerns, such as crop infections, respiratory conditions, and candidiasis.

How Much Do English Budgies Cost?

Breeders and exotic pet stores sell English budgies for $50-100.

Price variations are due to the breeder, lineage, and genetic mutations. For example, unique color combinations command a higher price than green-and-yellow or blue and white.

What Is An English Budgies Personality?

If you’re seeking a calm, fun-loving pet, it’s hard to look past the English budgie. This bird is considerably less skittish and nervous than an American parakeet and will keep itself happy for hours.

English budgies are easier to tame and train than other budgies. If you bring an American budgie into your home, you must teach it to welcome handling. This makes English budgies ideal additions to a family if you have children, especially as they rarely show hostility.

English budgies are widely considered more playful than American budgies. As well as time spent outside its cage, ensure that your budgie has things to do while locked inside.

Applied Animal Behavior Science explains how English budgies like to exercise their minds. So, fill its cage with intellectually diverting toys, including puzzles to solve and visual and audible stimuli.

Can English Budgies Talk?

English budgies have a low, robotic voice that may take you by surprise at first.

Some people train English budgies to remain silent when showing at events. This doesn’t mean that English budgies are incapable of speech.

An English budgie named Puck entered the 1995 Guinness Book of World Records. Uttering 1,728 unique words over six months, all of which were heard and acknowledged by independent adjudicators, Puck was entered under the heading “bird with the largest vocabulary in the world.”

This doesn’t mean that an English budgie will be as chatty, but it’ll invariably speak and repeat words frequently used around the home, especially if given regular training sessions.

Are English Budgies Noisy?

Although English budgies are talkative, especially when trained, they’re quieter than American budgies in other ways. It is rare for an English budgie to squawk, scream, or make unnecessary noise.

A big part of this is due to their laid-back persona. As mentioned, English budgies tend to be less nervous and skittish than other budgies, so they’re more likely to remain calm in a caged environment.

Are English Budgies Aggressive?

English budgies are unlikely to display aggression toward each other or humans. They’ve been exposed to human contact since the 1840s and have grown wholly accustomed to interacting with us.

If an English budgie does start to nip or bite, uncharacteristic aggression is likely to result from pain or an illness that has gone hitherto undiagnosed.

English budgie personality

Do English Budgies Like Company?

English budgies love attention and companionship. If you bond with an English budgie, it’ll welcome your presence. Expect your budgie to chirp excitedly when you enter a room.

English budgies are likely to be more accommodating to other animals than American budgies.

Can English Budgies Live with Other Birds?

English budgies will happily share a cage with smaller budgie breeds.

The challenge will be pairing an English budgie with an equally friendly and docile bird. Traditional budgie breeds tend to be combative and territorial, especially females.

Watch out for any warning signs that your budgies aren’t getting along, such as:

  • Raising the wings, especially while hissing.
  • Pecking at each other – budgies never nip at the feet unless showing aggression, and any head grooming must be light.
  • Constant chasing without taking it in turns.
  • Jealously guarding food or water with one budgie refusing to allow the other to partake.

If you notice tension within a budgie cage, separate them.

Be aware that English budgies can breed with American budgies, so be cautious of any mid-sex pairs, especially if they’re older than one year.

English budgies are undeniably great pets, especially if you have a young family. These docile birds rarely show aggression, and their conversation skills will delight children.