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100 Good GREEN Budgie Names [Males + Females]

Some owners like to name their budgies a funny word, like Taco, while others want to steep them in myth, like kelpie. Regardless, pairing a budgie’s name with its bright green coloring is ideal.

Sometimes, the best name is whatever reflects your budgie’s personality.

If your budgie is chatty, Babbler is ideal. If it’s the class clown, Disco or Trickster are a good fit. From cute to exotic, to funny and beyond, one of these green budgie names should define your budgie perfectly.  

What Should I Name My Green Budgie?

When selecting a moniker for your green budgie, you have various angles. Some owners prefer to be ironic, naming their budgie after green food or different shades of green.

Some like to pay homage to the names of cool or famous green characters, while others select green bird names to reflect their budgie’s personality.

The following are vital to choosing a good budgie name:

  • Enjoy the sound of the name: Your budgie won’t care, but you’ll have to say it often.
  • Feel like saying it every day: Long or unwieldy names might be annoying or get shortened.
  • Can say it clearly: Important if you want to teach the budgie to say its own name.
  • Fits a budgie’s look or temperament: A green theme is a clever starting point, but matching it to each unique budgie will make the name stick.  

Budgies have different mutations that change their color from the original light green. This creates a “green family” of budgies, meaning they could be anything from light green, to dark green, to olive.

what should I name my green budgie?

Green Male Budgie Names

You can’t beat the classics. Some owners love to stay with the bird theme when naming a budgie. Others like to reference a bird’s favorite food or locations that have been important to the budgie species.

  • Peanut – After your green budgie’s favorite nuts.
  • Sammy – For budgies that are simple but charming.  
  • Chirpy – For talkative budgies that can’t help but repeat this sound on a loop.
  • Donald – Named after the eccentric cartoon character, Donald Duck.
  • Hootie – For mysterious budgies or those that act a bit solemn.  
  • Tweety – A great name for mischievous budgies, after the well-loved Looney Tunes character.
  • Mango – A favorite for little boy budgies.
  • Bobo – A cute name for a dorky green budgie
  • Romeo – For male budgies that can’t help but woo you and other budgies.
  • Elvin – After the magical race.
  • Cassanova – For the ladies’ budgie.
  • Handsome – For a budgie that can’t help but strut its feathers.
  • King – Best for regal green budgies.
  • Casper – A cartoon-inspired name for a friendly budgie, especially those with more white markings.  
  • Bond –For the sophisticated budgie, especially if its grey-black stripes look like a tuxedo.
  • Tiger – For the fierce budgie or one with very prominent wing stripes.
  • Cheery – For the playful, energetic budgie.
  • Bon Bon – Inspired by Bon Station, where budgies are preserved and found in large numbers in Australia.
  • Gumby – After the green, clay animated cartoon character.
  • Rocky – For budgies that don’t back down from teasing.

Green Female Budgie Names

You can’t forget the other half when you’re seeking out good names for a pair of green budgies. These female names can highlight a girl budgie’s personality and appearance.

  • Polly – A classic name for your polite and courteous budgie. 
  • Gorgeous – A step up from ‘pretty Polly,’ when your budgie is a show-stopper.
  • Juliet – The perfect match to a Romeo, especially in an established pair of budgies.
  • Sweetie – This name is best for gentle budgies.
  • Diva – If your budgie loves being the center of attention, her name can reflect that.
  • Sweet Pea – Prim, pretty, and small in size, this name will be a perfect match for your budgie.  
  • Goldie – One of the best green and yellow budgie names, so you can highlight its unique coloring.  
  • Daisy – Sweet but full of personality, this name is a great match if you already have a “Donald” to pair her with.
  • Cracker – if your budgie can’t get enough of this snack, or she’s a real fire-cracker, this name is perfect.
  • Ivy – After the beautiful yet dangerous green plant, matching up to your budgie’s spitfire personality.
  • Birdie – Simple but classic, it’s a great choice if you have little kids at home.
  • Peridot – As the greenstone of compassion, this regal name goes well with affectionate budgies.
  • Pea – For especially small, especially little green budgies.
  • Fern – For old-soul budgies that balance between lovely and reliable.
  • Emerald – Another gemstone name that’s especially great for budgies with stark coloring.
  • Delilah – For the flirty and mischievous budgie.
  • Cleopatra – Why not name your green budgie after the infamous Egyptian queen?
  • Hunter(ess) – For the expert forager who never leaves a treat unfound.
  • Chloe – For the Greek goddess of greens: harvest, spring, and agriculture.
  • Fiona – For the green princess from Shrek.

Unisex Names for Green Budgies

Budgies can be difficult to sex to the untrained eye. Maybe you’ve adopted a budgie from an owner that wasn’t sure, or you’re giving temporary names to the budgies you’re raising to sell.

  • Sunshine – Ideal for yellow and green budgies, this name will match a bright and sunny personality.  
  • Coco – A homage to the Disney movie or mimic a funny sound your budgie makes.
  • Jolly – For puffy budgies that can’t help but show off their affectionate side.  
  • Buttercup – Another synonym for a sweetheart and excellent for a yellow and green budgie.
  • Phoenix – Great for budgies with other flecks of color in their plumage or for budgies with a powerful personality.  
  • Pie – A cutie-pie, of course, or for a budgie with a pied gene that changes its coloration.
  • Disco – If your green budgie can’t stop dancing when the music kicks in, give it a name that fits.
  • Trickster – For the budgie that teases and prods all its cage mates.  
  • Cactus – Best for a green budgie with a sharp personality.
  • Puffy – If your budgie likes to spread its plumage when it grooms, this name is apt.

Cute Names for Your Green Budgie

Budgies are already small, precious, and loving. You can make yours even cuter by offering it a name that makes you want to hug it.

  • Penny – Especially apt for a baby budgie, which might be as small as a penny at first. 
  • Lily – This popular white flower signifies innocence, which may be an attribute of your green budgie.
  • Tiki – A cute name suitable for budgies who are quick to dance and party.
  • Monty – An adorable nickname for budgies that goof around.
  • Mickey – A name for budgies as friendly and full of personality as the world’s most famous mouse.
  • Melody – For social budgies that love to sing.
  • Twinkle – For budgies with adorable white flecks of color in their feathers.  
  • Flora – A name that signifies plant life and ties in with the color green.
  • Woody – Inspired by Woody the Woodpecker.
  • Hulk – A hilariously mighty hero’s name for a small budgie. 

Funny Green Budgie Names

Budgies are known for their trickster antics. They’ll tease, play, and mess around with their cage mates at the earliest opportunity. Even if kept solo, give your budgie a few minutes to itself. You’ll find it happily putting a bell on its head or hanging upside down from the cage bars to entertain itself.

  • Babbler – For budgies that make you laugh with their weird assortment of chattering.  
  • Bean – After the famous and ridiculous Mr. Bean.
  • Boo Boo – After the internet meme or the silly clown. 
  • Nugget – Cute on its own, but excellent when paired with a funny word of the day, like “bubble nugget” or “chicken nugget.”
  • Yoshi – After Yoshi’s Island in Super Mario Bros, making your budgie resemble the cute little green character.
  • Chucklesome – For a budgie that tries so hard to be silly that you can’t help but roll your eyes.
  • Shortie – A tongue-in-cheek name for the smallest of the flock.
  • Pickles – A nod to Rugrats or an affectionate name for a dorky budgie.
  • Lima – For your loud friend in the cage.
  • Taco – Ideal for guacamole-colored budgies, fun to say several times in a row, and easy for your budgie to learn too.  

Food-Themed Green Budgie Names

Some of the most striking green colors are found in nature, especially in food. You can name your budgie after its favorite treat or pick a green food that sounds fun to say.

  • Minty – For mint-green budgies with a surprising amount of gumption, since the name also has Greek roots as “defender.” 
  • Kiwi – For the sweet green fruit, and fun to say multiple times in a row.
  • Aloe – A green summer fruit, a name for softer budgies, and a word your pet might even learn to say.  
  • Avocado – Another name that’s fun to say and matches the color of your unique budgie.
  • Pistachio – A healthy snack for your green budgie and a less common name, making your budgie unique. 
  • Kale – A more refined name to match a healthy snack.  
  • Herbie – For the personality of a lovebug or to reflect how your budgie can’t get enough of its herbs.  
  • Olive – A cute name for your chubby green budgie
  • Apple – For budgies that love an apple treat or have a sour-apple color.
  • Pumpkin – A great alternative for honey, sweetie, and similar names.
  • Pear – For puffier budgies.
  • Lime – For budgies, that perfect shade of green.
green and yellow budgie names

Exotic Names for Your Green Budgie

Parrots were prized as exotic pets throughout the 1700-1800s, leading to their export all over the planet. That’s why most of Europe and North America even have them as companions today.

You can give the nod to this part of your budgie’s history or give it an exotic name to match its interesting personality. Here are options based on other languages, old myths, or even foreign places.

  • Vert – A French word for the color green.
  • Amazon – Not for the business, but for the deep green Amazon rainforest.
  • Rina – A Japanese word for green, best suited to female budgies.
  • Galena – A naturally occurring metal that can be a perfect name for your metallic green budgie. 
  • Tauriel – For the daughter of the forest.
  • Taurion – For the son of the forest.
  • Kelda – A word derived from old English that refers to spring.
  • Kappa – A Greek mythical creature and a strong-sounding name.
  • Ginseng – An herb with a green plant found in China.
  • Kelpie – A mythical creature with a tricky disposition.
  • Beryl – A green stone with a dazzling appearance.  
  • Juniper – An excellent green and blue budgie name with a strong vibe for nature.  
  • Blade – For a sword or grass, best used for stoic budgies.
  • Seuss – A sweet name for your sweet companion.
  • Pesto – For pesto sauce and dorky personalities.  
  • Sora – A unisex name of Japanese origin that means “sky.”
  • Irish – For budgies that are the exact shade of a shamrock.
  • Lea – A name that refers to an open meadow or field of grass.

With these green budgie names to choose from, one is sure to fit your budgie. If you use one consistently enough, your budgie will likely learn to say it.