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best names for yellow budgies

What Should I Name My Yellow Budgie?

Due to the lutino mutation from selective breeding, many budgies have different yellow shades.

These colors can be so bright that the budgerigars are sometimes mistaken for canaries. If you’re naming a yellow budgie, you may want to honor its diminutive size and lemon coloring.

What To Name a Yellow Budgie

A yellow budgie can be named anything you want. However, if you want to give your budgie’s name extra meaning or a clever twist, there are ways to hone in on an appropriate moniker.

It can be a nod to the complex genetic history of your yellow budgie. According to Watchbird, most wild budgies are green. Due to a genetic mutation, a bright yellow variant of the budgie now exists.

You can customize the name to your unique budgie in certain ways:

  • Does your budgie have one shade of yellow or mixed coloring?
  • Is your budgie a spitfire or happy-go-lucky in its personality?
  • How big is your budgie, and does its behavior fit its size?
  • Do you or your family like a cartoon character associated with the color yellow?
  • Will you be using its full name regularly or using a nickname?

Depending on your plans, what to name a yellow budgie can range from Sol to Naruto to Apricot.

Let’s explore a list of the best yellow parakeet names. With the above questions in mind, consider these options and decide which one stands out.

best names for yellow budgies

Yellow Female Budgie Names

If you want a feminine vibe for your lady budgie, you can honor her lemon color and personality with these excellent name choices.

Popular yellow girl budgie names and meanings include the following:

  • Lima: A fun twist derived from the vibrantly yellow lemon.
  • Melemele: The Hawaiian word for yellow.
  • Marigold: Not only is the world’s most popular yellow flower, but it also adds a touch of royalty.
  • Blondie: Can be after the renowned blonde color or your favorite candy, blondies.
  • Goldilocks: For a budgie’s golden feathers or after the infamous character from the children’s tale.
  • Topaz: A precious gemstone that exists in a stunning yellow shade.
  • Honey: A name as sweet as honey to describe your demure pet.
  • Daisy: A beautiful flower and a loveable name for a white and yellow budgie.
  • Sunny or Sunshine: Because your budgie makes every morning a little brighter.
  • Anna: From banana, one of the most versatile yellow fruits.
  • Maize or Maze: Perfect for yellow budgies in shades of the cereal grain.
  • Rapunzel: After the golden-haired maiden from the famous fairytale.

Yellow Male Budgie Names

For a masculine name or to honor a favorite male character, consider these yellow boy budgie names:

  • Sol or Soul: In Spanish, it means “sun” that shines bright yellow, or you could use it to represent your budgie’s soulful nature.
  • Daffy: After the yellow daffodil or the Looney Tunes character, if a budgie has a playful nature.
  • Flounder: After the yellow fish from the Little Mermaid.
  • Naruto: If your yellow-orange budgie loves to fly at ninja-like speeds.
  • Dijon: A cool name derived from Dijon Mustard.
  • Nacho: After the bright, yellowish-orange cheese.
  • Sulfie: After sulfur, the yellow element in the periodic table.
  • Goldfeather: A nod to the Bond villain, Goldfinger, this name is perfect for a bossy budgie.
  • Leonidas: A name with German origins, meaning lion strength.

Yellowface Budgie Names

Yellowface budgies are a cross of yellow-based and white-based budgies. The yellow pigment varies, although it’s less than the yellow-based variant.

Most blue-series birds, including albinos, dark-eyed clears, grays, and violets, can have the yellowface mutation. So, give your budgie a name that showcases its complex and fascinating genetics:

  • Mellow: Rhymes with yellow but can refer to a more muted shade or a timid personality.
  • Melena: Derived from melanin, one of the pigments responsible for feather colors.
  • Fido: A Latin word that means to trust.
  • Citrine: After citric acid with an elegant ring to it.
  • Ochre: A shade of yellow.
  • Cicero: The Latin word for chickpea.
  • Goldenia: An exotic version of Goldie or Golden.
  • Solaris: A Latin word that means pertaining to the sun.

Unisex Names for Yellow Budgies

Some names work for male and female budgies, so here are some fun examples:

  • Saffron: To depict the color and aroma of the world’s costliest spice.
  • Tweety: Another addition from Looney Tunes, after the familiar yellow canary.
  • Phoenix: A fierce and powerful name may suit your bird.
  • Flame: For a budgie with a fiery personality.
  • Embers: To highlight the subtle but vibrant shades of fire.
  • Apricot: After the small, yellow fruit.
  • Dandy: Derived from dandelion, a yellow flowering plant.
  • Saturn: After the orange-yellow planet in our solar system.
  • Tuscany: A shade of yellow.
what to name a yellow budgie

Best Names for a Yellow Budgie Chick

If you want to be clever, you can pick cute yellow baby budgie names that fit the chick perfectly but can mature into a more suitable name later.

Here are some to get you started:

  • Auzzie: Can be a nickname for Ozymandias or can represent the budgie homeland, Australia.
  • Chipper: If your budgie is a chirper, there’s no better name. As your budgie gets older, you can use the adult version, Chipmunk.
  • Chico: This is Spanish for a small boy or child.
  • Pumpkin: Perfect for representing a budgie’s bright color and adorable nature.
  • Poppy: After the yellow variant of poppy flowers.
  • Sandy: After the golden sand beaches in Australia.
  • Cheddar: After the yellow cheese, and can even be altered to Chad as your budgie gets older.
  • Kiiro: A Japanese word for yellow.
  • Bolty: Derived from lightning bolts.
  • Xany: Derived from xanthophyll, the most common yellow pigments in nature.

Funny and Cute Names for A Yellow Budgie

If your budgie is a class clown, you can pick a name that matches this personality. Not to mention, it’s more fun to call out to your budgie if it has a humorous name. Options include:

  • Muffin: You can name an adorable yet fun budgie after this yummy treat.
  • Pikachu or Pika-Pika: After the famous character from Pokémon, a video game and animated series.
  • Crackers: For a yellow budgie that loves to munch on snacks.
  • Popcorn: For a budgie as yellow as a kernel.
  • Twinkie: After the deep-fried golden treat.
  • Nugget: Another food-related name representing your budgie’s golden hue.
  • Mr. or Mrs. Beaks: Because budgies love to use their beaks for many tasks.
  • Yakky: An entertaining name for a talkative budgie.
  • Toffee: The best name for a toffee-colored yellow budgie.
  • Bumblebee: Either after the flying bug or the yellow Transformer.
  • Buttercup: After the adorable yellow flower.
  • Pebbles: A cute and fun name to say out loud.
  • Lemon Tart: After the delectable and bright yellow lemon tart.

Good Names for A Pair of Yellow Budgies

Budgies are social parrots that form tight bonds with their cage-mates.

If your budgie has a friend or a partner, you can come up with a name for two yellow budgies. This can ensure the monikers are adorable apart but even more precious when together.

Your options include the following:

  • Peanut and Butter: Peanut butter is a great name for two budgies that stick together.
  • Sun and Flower: The yellow flower has grace and majesty, representing your brightly-colored pets.
  • Butter and Scotch: Could work as a name for the yellowish color or the confectionery treat.
  • Honey and Combs: After the intricate and sweet honeycombs, this couples’ name is ideal.
  • Thunder and Lightning: A perfect name for a duo that loves to cause trouble.
  • Tater and Tot: Tater tots are yellow-orange in color, a deep-fried potato snack, and a hilarious name for two bite-sized budgies.
  • Orangelo and Lemongelo: For a pairing of birds with orange and/or yellow feathers.
  • Mac and Cheese: For the pair of bright yellow budgies that love to eat.
  • R2D2 and C3PO: After two intergalactic robots, this couple’s name is great for Star Wars fans.
yellow face budgie names

Exotic and Unique Names for a Yellow Budgie

Some budgies are regal and mysterious.

You can honor this classy air about your budgie with an exotic, unique name: 

  • Sienna: If your budgie has shades of brown or orange in its feathers.
  • Ecru: A fancy name for a shade of yellow.
  • Amarillo: The Spanish word for yellow.
  • Jaune: The French word for the color yellow.
  • Chaunsa: A breed of mangoes cultivated in South Asian countries.
  • Lumiere: French for light, and a character from the movie Beauty and the Beast.
  • Quillon: A French name for boys, meaning crossed swords.
  • Clementine: A French and Latin word meaning merciful.
  • Adonis: In Greek, it means extremely good-looking and was the name of a mythological god.

Famous Names for a Yellow Budgie

You can also be influenced by modern media, literature, or history. Topical budgie names are easy to find in novels, movies, music, and from famous people:

Famous yellow budgie names include the following:

  • Oscar: After the golden award, or after the famous Dominican designer, Oscar de la Renta.
  • Goldie Hen: After the award-winning actress Goldie Hawn.
  • Bazzi: A Lebanese name, also the name of a popular musical artist.
  • Midas: From the Greek myth about the king whose touch would turn everything to gold.
  • Dracarys: After the command given to dragons from the popular show, Game of Thrones.
  • Pat-chick Swayze: A pun on Patrick Swayze, the lead actor in Dirty Dancing.
  • Star-Lord: Chris Pratt’s character from the Guardians of the Galaxy and ideal for Marvel fans.
  • Nostradamus: A fun way to refer to a contemplative, philosophical bird.
  • Dior: Not only is this the name of a renowned French brand, but the word itself means golden.
  • Fergie: You can name your chirpy bird after this Black Eyed Peas singer.
  • Shakira: If your budgie loves to sing tunes, you can name it after the musical sensation, Shakira.

Deciding on a name for your yellow budgie doesn’t need to be as overwhelming as you think. This list offers many yellow bird names derived from stories, television, food, characters, personalities, etc.