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do budgies like to lay down?

Is It Normal for Budgies To Lay Down?

It’s not normal for budgies to lie down because this leaves them vulnerable to predators and slows down their reaction time in emergencies. Most budgies will avoid laying down at all costs.

Laying down in older budgies usually indicates frailty due to old age, tiredness, or sickness.

Young budgies often lie down on their stomachs since they don’t have full control of their feet. If your budgie is new, it may lie down to hide while adjusting to its new home.

If the cage is too small, a budgie may lack the space to perch where it was previously.

Do Budgies Like to Lay Down?

Budgies spend most of their time perched upright when they’re not flying.

According to PLOS Biology, budgies prefer to sleep in a perched position rather than lying down. So, if you find your budgie is lying down on its stomach or back, something is amiss.

Budgies don’t enjoy laying down because it makes them vulnerable. It’s much harder (and slower) to get back on their feet, and the position restricts their wing formation.

In the wild, reaction time is crucial to avoid predators and survive sudden attacks. If budgies spent their time laying down, they’d be severely disadvantaged.

Laying down could have the following meanings:

Frailty Due to Age

Budgies have an average lifespan of 5-8 years, although some can live more than 15 years.

As they age, they weaken physically. According to Biochemistry, older budgies lay down more since their legs aren’t strong enough to support their body weight for prolonged periods.


Buggies are active creatures that spend most of their time flying around, foraging for food, and exploring their environment.

When a budgie falls sick, its ability to fly or perch will be compromised significantly. As a result, a budgie may spend most of its time lying down.

If it has a foot injury or medical condition, such as bumblefoot (pododermatitis), standing up constantly will be extremely painful due to soreness and inflammation.

New To The Environment

Budgies form strong attachment bonds to their owners, but it may take time for them to feel completely comfortable.

So, if you’ve recently bought a new budgie, it may lay down because it’s still shy and afraid of its new environment. It’ll try to hide anywhere, such as on the ground, and make itself look small.

It’ll likely take a few weeks before a new budgie feels safe and secure in its new home.

Baby Budgies Have Poor Control of Their Feet

Young budgies take time to develop strength and coordination in their limbs.

So, they often spend their time lying on their stomachs. However, as a budgie’s limbs become stronger and it learns to walk, it can remain upright for longer.


A budgie laying down can mean that the bird has died.

This is most likely to be true if it seems unconscious rather than asleep. If the budgie doesn’t respond to sounds or nudgings, it’s sadly passed away.

budgie laying down on perch

Do Budgies Lay Down to Sleep?

Like most birds, budgies usually sleep perched with their head upright and their body assuming a relaxed posture. You should be concerned if you find your budgie sleeping in a reclined position.

The reasons for this sleeping position may be:

Not Enough Room in Their Cage

If you put more than one budgie in a tiny cage, there may not be enough room for them all to sleep in a perched position like they normally do.

As a result, some of them may choose to sleep lying down at the bottom of the cage. So, assuming that there’s enough space, add some additional perches in elevated positions.

Feeling Fatigued

If your budgie is feeling extremely tired or weak, it may opt to sleep while laying down. Sleeping in this position allows your budgie to rest its feet and replenish its energy.

Usually, your budgie can resume its normal sleeping posture after a few hours. So, if you notice it sleeping while laying down for several days, this is an indication that something else is wrong.

You may also notice other signs of illness, such as labored breathing and messed-up feathers.

Why Does My Budgie Lay On Its Back?

A budgie laying on its back is never a good sign since they usually sleep while perched.

If you notice your budgie reclining on its back, it might be extremely sick or dead. This is possible if the budgie appears unconscious and is unresponsive to any attempts to wake it up.

What Does It Mean When a Budgie is Laying On Its Belly?

It’s not normal for a budgie to lay on its belly, especially if it hasn’t exhibited such tendencies previously.

Some reasons for this behavior are benign. For example, a baby budgie may lay on its belly because it hasn’t yet developed proper control of its limbs. Likewise, a new budgie might prefer to spend most of its time perched since it is still shy and afraid of the new environment.

That said, laying on the belly may signify a problem. For example, a sick budgie may not have the energy to latch onto its perch with its feet, so it’ll stay face-down on the floor of its cage.

Why Is My Budgie Laying On Its Side?

When this happens, it might indicate a health problem, such as an illness or fatigue. In the worst-case scenario, finding your budgie lying on its side could signify that it’s died.

Why Is My Budgie Laying Down On Its Perch?

Budgies lay down on their perch for two main reasons.

They may be tired, so they may recline in this position to rest their legs. If this is the case, your budgie should assume its normal posture after getting some rest.

If you notice your budgie is still sleeping in this position after several days, the chances are that it’s ill.

Examine your pet budgie for other signs of illness, such as difficulty breathing, fluffed feathers, unusual droppings, limping, and poor foot coordination.

It’s abnormal for budgies to lay down, especially if they stay down for several hours or days. It usually happens when a budgie is extremely unwell, so get it checked over by a veterinarian.