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how clever are budgies?

How Intelligent Are Budgies?

A bird’s brain is small compared to a mammal’s brain. However, budgies are intelligent creatures, capable of imitating different sounds and words, remembering events, and planning for the future. Budgies […]

why is my budgie breathing heavily?

Why Is My Budgie Panting So Much?

If your budgie is panting, you’ll find it breathing heavily with its beak partially or fully open. Its breathing will likely be accelerated or more strained than normal. Temporary panting […]

do budgies like to listen to music?

What Kind of Music Do Budgies Like?

Budgies love music and are known to dance to upbeat tunes and bob their heads along with the rhythm. You may even find your budgie mimicking your favorite song or […]

why do budgies shake their tail feathers?

Why Is My Budgie Wagging Its Tail?

Budgies communicate important messages via their body language, but the meaning of the same action can have various interpretations. So, it’s understandable if you’re confused by a budgie wagging its […]

is it normal for parakeets to sneeze?

Why Does My Budgie Keep Sneezing?

It may seem unusual to observe a budgie have a sneezing fit. Some owners don’t realize that budgies can sneeze, but with exceptions, this can be normal behavior. Budgies sneeze […]

how to stop your budgies from mating

How To Prevent Budgies from Mating

Breeding occurs when budgies reach sexual maturity, but they shouldn’t have more than two broods per year. Continuous egg-laying can cause malnourishment, exhaustion, and calcium deficiency. To prevent budgies from […]

is it normal for budgies to eat their poop?

Why Do Budgies Eat Their Own Poop?

Budgies have some undesirable behaviors, such as eating their own poop. While coprophagia isn’t harmful, this behavior can signify problems that aren’t immediately apparent. Budgies eat poop when they lack […]