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how to feed budgies calcium

How To Give Budgies Calcium

Of the nutrients a budgie needs, calcium is perhaps the most difficult for owners to optimally provide. Too much calcium is just as harmful as too little calcium (hypercalcemia). Budgies […]

what insects can budgies eat?

Do Budgies Eat Insects?

You may grow concerned if you find bugs in or near your budgie’s cage. Even if you clean the cage regularly, it may still be exposed to certain insects. Aside […]

pregnant budgie behavior

What Are The Signs of A Pregnant Budgie?

Budgies are oviparous (egg-layers), so they don’t become pregnant. After breeding, the mother (hen) develops fertilized eggs, which she’ll lay in 8-10 days. However, many owners like to know when […]

Do Budgies Die Easily?

Why Do Budgies Die Suddenly?

Budgies have a reputation for dying suddenly, and some owners lose several budgies, one after another. However, budgies never die for no reason. As long as you identify which factors […]

what do budgies do when they are hot?

What Temperature Is Too Hot for Budgies?

Budgies (parakeets) can be found natively in the savannas or sparse woodlands of Central Australia. This can make you believe that budgies will thrive on a warm day or in […]

budgie keeps biting feet

Why Do Budgies Bite Their Feet?

Budgies are prone to behaviors that may seem odd to you. They might hang upside down, bob their heads, or sing melodies. If you notice your budgie pecking at its […]

where can I leave my budgie when I go on holiday?

What To Do with A Budgie While on Vacation

Domestic and international vacations provide a welcome break from everyday life. However, if you have pet budgies, you’ll be concerned about the implications of going on a trip. After all, […]