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why do my budgies look like they are kissing?

Why Are My Budgies Kissing Each Other?

Budgies are social creatures, expressing their feelings and showing care in various ways. This includes ‘kissing’ by locking their beaks together or nuzzling against each other’s faces. Budgies kiss to […]

how to identify a lutino budgie

What Is A Lutino Budgie?

Selective breeding has created many fascinating variants and shades, one of which is the lutino budgie. It’s a member of the green series family but lacks its primary pigmentation. Due […]

how to tell if your budgie is drinking water

Why Is My New Budgie Not Drinking Water?

If budgies don’t drink water regularly, they’ll become sick and die. New budgies may refuse to hydrate when they first arrive in your home. This is a natural response to […]

what herbs can budgies eat?

What Herbs Can You Feed Budgies?

While everyone feeds their budgies fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and grains, herbs are often ignored or forgotten about entirely. Herbs have a high percentage of fiber, which promotes good digestion […]

how to tell if budgies are mating

What Are The Signs of Budgies Mating?

Budgies are expressive birds that dance, sing, hang upside down, tap beaks, nuzzle, etc. So, it can be hard to distinguish normal activity from a budgie’s mating behavior. When budgies […]

how to care for baby budgies

How To Prepare for Baby Budgies

Most adult budgies instinctively know how to care for and raise their offspring. Your role during the initial stages will usually be monitoring the progress and development of the chicks. […]

best names for yellow budgies

What Should I Name My Yellow Budgie?

Due to the lutino mutation from selective breeding, many budgies have different yellow shades. These colors can be so bright that the budgerigars are sometimes mistaken for canaries. If you’re […]

do budgies like to be touched?

Where Do Budgies Like To Be Petted?

It can be difficult to stroke your budgie unless you know its favorite spots. Budgies like to be petted along the chest, at neck level, and beneath the wings. Petting […]