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what causes budgies to lose feathers?

Is It Normal for Budgies To Lose Feathers?

Budgies preen to remove old and damaged feathers so their plumage isn’t disrupted. About 1-3 times per year, budgies will molt their weathered and frazzled feathers before regrowing new ones. […]

why won’t my budgie stop chirping?

Why Do Budgies Chirp Constantly?

You’ll find budgies chattering, singing, chirping, and vocalizing in one way or another constantly. Chirping can have various meanings, but most of them have positive explanations. Budgies are naturally talkative, […]

are budgies easy to take care of?

Are Budgies Low or High Maintenance?

One of the things you need to consider before getting a new pet is their care needs. Budgies are the most popular pet birds because they’re small, friendly, and not […]

what to put in a budgie nesting box

Do Budgies Need Nesting Material?

Captive budgies don’t have the same resources as wild budgies. Budgies don’t need nesting material, but it prevents eggs from rolling around, absorbs moisture, reduces the smell of droppings, and […]

should I play budgie noises for my budgie?

Do Budgies Like Hearing Budgie Sounds?

Budgies are social creatures that get lonely when kept by themselves. To fulfill their social needs, many owners wonder if playing budgie sounds will remove the sense of solitude. However, […]

do budgies eat egg shells?

Can I Feed My Budgie Egg Shells?

Budgies need calcium in their diet, and egg shells are one of the best sources of this nutrient. You may have noticed a mother budgie cracking her own eggs and […]