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why do budgies go quiet?

Why Has My Budgie Stopped Talking?

Unless sleeping or resting, healthy budgies should always be making some noise, even if it is just softly chittering to itself. That’s why it’s disconcerting to find a quiet budgie. […]

why is my budgies chest big?

Why Does My Budgie Have A Big Chest?

Budgies are covered in feathers, making it difficult to assess their health at a glance. A big chest can merely indicate that your budgie has puffed up its feathers. However, […]

do both male and female budgies talk?

Can Male And Female Budgies Talk?

Budgies are talkative parrots, happy to sing, whistle, and mimic human speech. They can understand lexical stress and mimic a wide vocabulary of words when properly instructed. However, not every […]

why won't my budgie go to sleep?

Why Does My Budgie Not Sleep?

Budgies manage their sleep schedule and replenish their energy while they rest. However, you may find that your budgie is struggling to get enough sleep or refusing to sleep often […]