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why does my budgie keep hanging upside down?

Why Do Budgies Hang Upside Down?

Even if budgies prefer to remain upright by day, it’s common to find budgies sleeping upside down, which is an instinctive behavior learned in the wild. As a prey species, […]

can budgies drink too much water?

Why Is My Budgie Drinking So Much Water?

Budgies need water like any other living creature, but some birds drink too much. A budgie drinking to excess is known as polydipsia. There are many explanations for excessive thirst […]

why is my budgie struggling to walk?

Why Is My Budgie Limping?

Budgies are prey animals, so they instinctively hide any sign of injury or ill health. If the budgie can’t mask a movement issue, something is amiss with its foot or […]

why do budgies destroy their eggs?

Why Do Budgies Break Their Eggs?

Most nesting budgies will break their eggs occasionally, especially new parents. Egg breaking becomes more worrisome when you find a budgie eating the shells or yolks afterward. Budgies break their […]

when can baby budgies leave their mother?

When Do Baby Budgies Leave The Nest?

Parent budgies meet the day-to-day care needs of their chicks during the 5 stages of development: neonate, nestling, fledgling, weanling, and juvenile. Budgie chicks normally leave the nest after 30 […]

is too much millet bad for budgies?

Can Budgies Eat Too Much Millet?

Budgies go crazy for millet, so it’s a staple of many commercial seed mixes. Even fussy eaters indulge in this tasty treat. Millet is flavorful with a crunchy texture and […]