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can female budgies lay eggs without a male?

Do Budgies Lay Eggs without Mating?

A female budgie will develop eggs once her hormones are activated, not due to mating with a male. Environmental and social signals, such as light cycles and vocalizations, trigger these […]

good blue budgie names

100 Best Blue Budgie Names [Boys + Girls]

Blue budgies have a bright coloring of various shades, and they can even have green, yellow, or white accents. This gives them a beautiful appearance, so you’ll want them to […]

what noises do budgies make?

13 Budgie Sounds And What They Mean

Budgies like to talk and make different noises, especially first thing in the morning when awakening. They make a wide range of sounds, and each call has a different meaning. […]

budgie poop color meaning

What Color Should Budgie Poop Be?

Since members of the parrot family are good at hiding the signs of illness, the color of budgie poop is among the most reliable indicators of sickness. Normal budgie droppings […]

can you put plants in with budgies?

What Plants Can I Put in My Budgie’s Cage?

It’s natural for budgies to explore foliage and greenery, so you can put certain plants in your budgie’s cage. That way, budgies can eat the leaves, flowers, and stems for […]

budgie has dirty bottom

Why Has My Budgie Got A Dirty Bum?

Keeping your budgie’s bum clean is one of the negatives of bird ownership. However, budgies occasionally need cleaning assistance, especially if the cause of the problem is unresolved. Usually, a […]

what age do budgies cere change color?

Why Is My Budgies Cere Changing Color?

A budgie’s cere is the piece of flesh that covers the top of the beak. Think of it as a nose for budgies that contains the nostrils. However, the cere […]