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What Should I Name My White Budgie? [100 Good Names with Meaning]

According to Behavioral Ecology, every budgie has its own personality.

So, owners need to give them the perfect name. You’ll naturally want a moniker that refers to the elegance, sweet nature, or striking appearance of white budgies.

White budgies can take their names from many white things in nature. Good choices include Shelly, which refers to the wing pattern of the budgie, as well as the shells that wind up on shore.

For male budgies, celestial objects can refer to the color white while giving that masculine vibe. Female budgies can also take their names from the white flowers.

Good White Budgie Names

The best white budgie names reflect a deep knowledge of budgerigars while keeping it simple and fun. After all, according to Animal Learning & Behavior, budgies are highly intelligent.

So, it’s natural to give your budgie a clever name that reflects its best traits, such as:

  • Shelly – Budgerigars are sometimes called ‘shell parakeets,’ referring to their scalloped wing pattern. This has a double meaning, as shells that wind up on the shore are also white.
  • Bon bon – Refers to a budgerigar reserve in Australia. It’s also a simple name to pronounce and easy to learn for a budgerigar.
  • Melody – Melody comes from the scientific name of the parakeet Melopsittacus undulates, which translates to melodious parrot.
  • Ivory – Ivory refers to the white substance that makes up the tusks of various animals and could also refer to the tusks’ creamy white color. It’s a highly prized substance.
  • Birch – Refers to the white bark of the birch tree, which is a tree found in Australia, the birthplace of budgies.

White Male Budgie Names

Male names tend to have more syllables, giving them a masculine feel, such as:

  • Puck – Puck is the Guinness World Record holder for being the budgie with the largest vocabulary.
  • Cream – An ideal name for a male budgie without being overly masculine.
  • Cotton – A soft name without being too feminine.
  • Casper – After Casper the friendly ghost.
  • Tictac – Refers to the small white candy and the game, perfect for playful birds.
  • Blanco – White, or pale, in Spanish.
  • Arctic – Hard consonants make this a great name for a white male bird.
  • Whiteout – A masculine-sounding name continuing the winter theme.
  • Avalanche – For owners who want a name with more character than ‘whiteout.’
  • Blizzard – A great alternative to avalanche and may be easier to pronounce.
  • Chilly – For those who want an easy, winter-based name.
  • Dandelion – For owners who want flower-based names for their male budgies.
  • Whiskey – A cool name after the alcoholic drink, without too many hard consonants.
  • Silver – If the color white is too plain, why not go with a close relative?
  • Aspen – Refers to the white bark of the aspen tree, perfect for owners who want plant names for male budgies.
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Celestial Names for Budgies

Celestial names make for great masculine names and are perfect for white birds. They include:

  • Helio – Can refer to the Greek god of the sun, but can be short for heliotrope, a type of white flower.
  • Nimbus – Refers to a type of cloud.
  • Comet – Comets are white, and they have tails, too.
  • Star – Continuing the celestial theme and show that your budgie is the star of your life.
  • Nova – A nova is a bright star, perfect for bright white birds.
  • Sirius – The name of the brightest star seen in the night sky.
  • Galaxy – If one star isn’t enough for you, why not try the whole galaxy?
  • Orion – If a galaxy is too much, perhaps the constellation will do.
  • Moon – Refers to the white sheen of the moon.
  • Moonshine – A soft name for a male bird.
  • Moondust – A funky alternative to moonshine.

White Female Budgie Names

There are many female budgie names, but picking the right one can be difficult. Here are choices to narrow down your list:

  • Angel – Angels are often depicted in white and are perfect for sweet white budgies.
  • Jewel – Many jewels are white and are perfect for treasured budgies.
  • Opal – Opals are mainly white but display many different colors under the light.
  • Pearl – Pearls are treasured, white gems.
  • Crystal – For owners who want to name their birds after a precious stone, but with a spunkier twist.
  • Gem – A great, one-syllable name that is fun to pronounce.
  • Quartz – For a fancier sounding name that is also jewel-based.
  • Diamond – For very fancy and luxurious budgies.
  • Agate – For a less common jewel-based name.
  • Faith – For those who want a simple, common name for female budgies.
  • Belle – A soft, easy-to-pronounce name that means ‘beautiful’ in French.
  • Lacy – Evokes the image of soft, white lace, which is perfect for sweet, white birds.
  • Misty – A soft name with enough hard consonants to give it a bit of adventure.
  • Sparkle – For those who want a more modern-sounding name.
  • Snowflake – For those who want a winter-themed name.
  • Powder – Powders often come in white, which is an easy soft-sounding name for a bird.

Flower and Plant Names for budgies

There are many flowers and plants that are great names for female budgies, including:

  • Daisy – Refers to the white daisy flower.
  • Tulip – Tulips are more common in red, but they also come in a lovely white color.
  • Rose – Like tulips, roses also come in white and are a great monosyllabic name for a budgie.
  • Lotus – Lotus flowers come in white and are perfect for female budgies.
  • Alba – Refers to the white willow tree, the Salix alba, which appears to have white leaves.
  • Camellia – A soft feminine name referring to the camellia flower.
  • Calla – Another soft flower name referring to the calla lily flower.
  • Amy – Can be a nickname for ‘amaryllis,’ a feminine flower name with stronger vibes.
  • Iris – Another flower name that’s not as common.
  • Magnolia – A flower name that can be shortened to Maggie.

Cute Budgerigar Names

These cute budgerigar names are perfect for sweet birds and ideal for both boys and girls.

  • Snowdrop – A name perfect for a small bird.
  • Sunny – Sunshine may evoke the color yellow but makes a great name for a bright white budgie.
  • Cloud – Perfect for a fuzzy-feathered bird.
  • Sugar – Sugar is white and sweet, just like your pet.
  • Popcorn – A fun name that is easy to pronounce, perfect for budgies who love popcorn.
  • Creampuff – Another food-based name that evokes soft and white pastries.
  • Mushroom – For a less common food-based name that refers to white button mushrooms.
  • Cottontail – Perfect for budgies with a fuzzy tail.
  • Marshmallow – Perfect for soft, sweet budgies.
  • Tofu – A fun-sounding, unique food-based name.
  • Buttermilk – Buttermilk is sweet and white, just like your bird.
  • Oats – A fun, monosyllabic food-based name that your budgie may recognize as its favorite food.
  • Poplar – Refers to the white bark of the poplar tree.
  • Orchid – A flower name that has more of a pop than most.
  • Sweet Pea – Refers to the small flowers and already has the word ‘sweet’ in the name.
  • Baby – All budgies are babies to their owners, but they could also refer to baby’s breath, which is a small white flower.
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Unisex Budgerigar Names

These names are perfect for both male and female budgies:

  • Vanilla – Vanilla often refers to a creamy white color and is perfect for both girl and boy budgies.
  • Coconut – A great name with a tropical twist.
  • Creamer – For a unique and fun food-based name.
  • Frosty – For those who want a winter-themed name with a bit of character.
  • Snowball – A winter-based name that is more common but still cute.
  • Snowy – An easily pronounced winter-based name.
  • Chalky – A fun, easy-to-pronounce name.
  • Ice – A fun monosyllabic name that can be expanded to ‘icy.’
  • Ghost – Perfect for budgies that like to chirp in the night.
  • Boo – A cute alternative to the name ‘Ghost.’
  • Phoenix – For a cool and spunky unisex name.
  • Owl – For a fun twist, why not name your budgie after a different bird?
  • Milky – A fun name to pronounce and can be easily learned by your budgie.
  • Aspen – Refers to the white bark of the aspen tree, which is great for boy budgies but can also be used for girl budgies.
  • Biscuit – A fun name to pronounce and may refer to your budgie’s favorite food.
  • Chip – A fun, monosyllabic, food-based name.
  • Taco – Tacos may not stay white when cooked, but they make for a great bird name.
  • Cosmo – Refers to the cosmos flower, which comes in white, a great flower name for both girl and boy budgies.
  • Sprite – Refers to the fizzy drink, leans masculine, but is great for girl budgies.

Black And White Budgie Names

What if your budgie is not completely white? Here are some names to consider:

  • Moo – Refers to cows, which are often depicted in black and white colors.
  • Ace – Ace refers to the card face, which often comes in black and white.
  • Shadow – For those who want an edgier name.
  • Raven – For those who want to lean into the black color of their budgies.
  • Hedwig – Named after Harry Potter’s Hedwig, which is a black and white snowy owl.
  • Shimmer – Refers to how light bounces on and off of shimmering things.
  • Sycamore – A great plant-based name for black and white budgies.
  • Sky – The sky isn’t always bright, making it a great monosyllabic name for a black and white budgie.

Your budgie’s name should reflect its character, coloring, and relationship with you. With these options to choose from, you’re sure to find a name for a white budgie.