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why does my budgie keep hanging upside down?

Why Do Budgies Hang Upside Down?

Even if budgies prefer to remain upright by day, it’s common to find budgies sleeping upside down, which is an instinctive behavior learned in the wild.

As a prey species, budgies like to get as high as possible, as this allows them to survey their terrain, assessing any threat level before committing to roosting or nesting.

By hanging upside down, the budgie can quickly fly away if it fears for its safety. Captive budgies don’t need to worry about being picked off by a wild predator, but it’s an instinctual behavior.

Why Does My Budgie Keep Hanging Upside Down?

Some of a budgie’s deadliest enemies, such as cats and snakes, live and hunt on the ground.

Whether in the wild or living in captivity, budgies have an instinctive desire to get as high as possible, which is an act of self-preservation.

Some budgies hang upside down for recreational purposes, as budgies like human companionship and delight in entertaining their owners. If your budgie garners a response from hanging upside down, it may repeat this behavior whenever you enter a room.

When a budgie adopts this position without the ability to fly away, it’s vulnerable and can’t defend itself. Budgies may choose to hang upside down from the ceiling of a cage to show trust in an owner.

A budgie’s decision to hang upside down in a cage is instinctive, as there are practical reasons why wild budgies adopt this position, including:

Superior Vantage Point

As budgies don’t hunt live prey, their sense of smell and taste is limited. This is compensated for with good vision, as budgies can see predators, food, and water from miles away.

Wild budgies take advantage of their good eyesight by finding the highest vantage points they can. If a budgie can rise above its terrain, it can quickly make a judgment call about the lay of the land. So, budgies soar to the top of the tallest tree they can find.

The uppermost point a captive budgie can reach is the ceiling of its cage. The budgie can get a little higher within these confines by hanging upside down, where it’ll observe its empire from this angle.

As captive budgies invariably live in the same room of the same house, and budgies have a good memory, this will soon be done for fun. Hanging upside down in a cage gives a budgie a slightly different perspective of its surroundings.

Similarly, a budgie may choose to play with its toys while hanging upside down to experience the interaction from a different standpoint. It can also retain a budgie’s interest in existing entertainment, delaying the need to bring new toys into circulation.


Budgies prefer to sleep in a different location during the day and night, spending their daylight hours foraging for food with a flock before retreating to a quiet, hidden area to sleep.

Budgies sleep upside down partly due to the desire to get as high as possible, which is vital while a budgie is sleeping. The budgies can relax by remaining out of the reach of ground-based predators.

Budgies usually sleep as part of a flock rather than seeking privacy at night. There’s safety in numbers, and budgies can enjoy playfulness and recreation time when surrounded by conspecifics.

If your budgie likes sleeping upside down, consider getting in a small second cage for bedtime. Place the budgie in this cage when the sun goes down and cover it to ensure darkness.

Why is my budgie hanging on the cage?

Rapid Escapes

Time is of the essence if wild budgies need to flee a predator or other threat.

Hanging upside down can give a budgie valuable escape seconds. A budgie that hangs upside down can release its grip on a tree branch, drop down, and fly away.

Perching upright requires more effort. The budgie’s feet will still be wrapped around the branch, but it’ll need to consciously decide to release its grip, retain balance, flap its wings, and fly off.

That will still be a rapid process, but 2-3 seconds may be the difference between life and death when faced with a swooping bird of prey, such as eagles.

Hanging upside down means that a budgie can act on instinct when a fight-or-flight response kicks in.

Can Budgies Spend Too Much Time Upside Down?

Some budgies are naturally more comfortable hanging upside down than sitting upon a perch.

If your budgie acts normal, eating and drinking, interacting with other birds in a cage, and exercising outside the cage when given the opportunity, it’s not a problem.

Only be concerned about a budgie’s desire to hang upside down if you never see it upright.

In these instances, look closer and ensure the budgie isn’t limping. Budgies do their best to hide injuries, so hanging upside down may disguise an inability to move freely.

Is it Safe for Budgies to Hang Upside Down?

A downside to budgies hanging upside down is that, like climbing, it increases the risk of injury.

If your budgie loses its grip while sleeping, it could land on the cage floor before it wakes up enough to flap its wings and get airborne.

Unfortunately, this is just the risk your budgie takes. Lining the floor of a budgie’s cage with a soft substrate is inadvisable, as any sand or similar material will be kicked out of the cage. It’ll also be an unsanitary approach, as budgies constantly poop on the substrate below.

The same concern rules out placing soft furnishings throughout the cage floor. As with substrate, these will be covered in bird feces within a couple of hours. Even if they break a budgie’s fall, the risk of bacterial infection is heightened.

Thankfully, the chances of a budgie falling from the ceiling remain slim. Budgies have strong feet that wrap themselves solidly around cage bars. A sleeping budgie that hangs upside down should be safe if you leave it sufficient space and avoid startling it.

If you’re concerned about your budgie hanging upside down, put quality perches high in the cage. Just be aware that budgies will always look to get higher if there’s an opportunity, which could involve ignoring a perch and returning to hanging from the ceiling.

If you’re new to keeping budgies and wondering if it’s normal for a parakeet to hang upside down in a cage, the answer is an unqualified yes.

If your budgie seems happy and healthy, there’s no need to discourage this behavior.